Ampersand Families Seeks Homes for Teens

African American children are currently overrepresented in the child welfare system. During Black History Month, the Minnesota Department of Human Services is encouraging families to adopt children waiting in foster care.

Ampersand Families is an adoption agency in Minneapolis that focuses on finding families for the oldest and longest-waiting kids.  If you wind up in the foster care system at age 12, the odds are heavily against you finding a permanent family before you become too old to stay in foster care.  Ampersand works against those odds to provide family connections and some stability for young adults at a crucial time in their lives.

Jen Braun is the co-founder and co-executive officer of Ampersand Families.

She joined us here at KFAI and talked to Trisha Collopy on the Morning Blend.




About Me Michelle is passionate about the need for system reform and the essential role that young people can take in leading child welfare to more effective, youth and family-focused strategies.

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