Jasper goes back and forth about whether she’d like to attend college.  Jasper is an intelligent young woman with many interests, hobbies, talents and her team feels she would blossom in college.  Her ambivalence seems based in not knowing how to plan ahead for her future life at this point, and not knowing what college would do for her.  However, when notified that there are, in fact, MUSIC COLLEGES, Jasper brightened RIGHT UP.  She would do well in a family that can help her figure out how to incorporate her intelligence and talents into a vision of a future life for herself, whether that included college of something else fantastic

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About Me Jasper is VERY sporty. She loves skateboarding, snowboarding, dancing, and riding her bike. Jasper also has a deeply creative inner life that she loves to share. Give her a little while to get to know you, and it won’t be long before she’s showing you her poems, songs, raps, crafts, plays, or sewing.

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