Cloey is awesome at engaging in her own recruitment. Check out her most recent insightful message about older youth adoption.

My name’s Cloey. I’m 15 years old. I’m a sophomore and I look forward to going to school every day. What I like about school is being around my friends and sometimes learning about the things that I’m interested in. Some of the things I like to do is shopping, skateboarding, football, BMX, hanging out with friends, social media and watching late night movies.

When I’m older I would like to be a corporate lawyer and for college I would like to go to the U of M then Harvard, Stanford, or Yale for graduate school. Where I see myself in 10 years would be finishing up school and traveling around the world. The most important things to me in my life right now is my family, friends, and being successful.

Some of my goals in life is to help my family out and go to college. My dreams are to one day travel to every country, buy my own island, become famous, and meet Channing Tatum and now my realistic dreams are to become a lawyer, make lots of money, and buy a huge mansion. In every room there will be a different type of animal living in them!

What I think an adopted family is for is to protect you and make sure that you are getting everything you need and always being there for you. Also helping you stay connected with your birth family. What I think an adoptive family should know about me is I’m very connected with my birth family. I’m very funny, caring, helpful, sassy, sometimes stubborn, helpful at times, and like to be independent.

I feel people should consider adopting kids/teenagers because even though kids/teens want to continue to keep relationships with their birth families, they still deserve to have a consistent loving care giver. At first it may be hard to accept the fact that their families can’t provide for them, but deep down they know they are going to need someone who can care and guide them in their future. Unlike adopting a child, we as teens also need an opportunity to be nurtured for so that we can become prepared for the future that we’ve always wanted.

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