Jenup’s smile will light up a room! He’s a super athlete (he’s already completed over ten 5k’s and started on his school’s track team!) and a super student- he is so proud of himself for doing well in school and has big goals for his future.


Lilly says she is shy, but that’s hard to believe. It only takes about ten minutes for her to be awfully chatty, and this girl has A LOT of questions. Like, what’s your favorite spot in the house? What’s your favorite movie? What are your TOP TEN apples, okay, your TOP FIVE, wait, you don’t even have a TOP THREE??? She really likes apples, and wants someday to try a Pacific Rose. She’s learning to play the guitar, and has set aside 30 minutes a day where she makes herself practice, even though it’s “so boring.” Those who know her describe her as artistic and creative.


Justin is a considerate, caring, and charming 14 year old or as he says “14 and a half year old”. He takes pride in looking nice and cares about his appearance. He has a sense of humor that  resonates with adults, he catches on to jokes that often goes over his peers’ heads. His favorite subjects in school are math and reading. In his free time he enjoys going to the library to checkout the books and videogames.


Rose (16) is a huge goofball. When she gets excited, she is excited, with full-on giggle-shrieks and long, rambling explanations of just what is so awesome, which is usually 1) some manga or fantasy book, 2) raptors, 3) fuzzy animals of any kind, 4) fuzzy blankets of any kind, 5) hot chocolate, 6) video games, and 7) boys from class who are maybe cute kind of but in like a dumb way actually they’re gross. Whatever Rose loves, she loves full bore.


Gabe is a competitive 14 year old who loves sports, especially basketball. He enjoys listening to music and will often rap to his favorite songs. He likes to make people smile and is always mindful of other’s needs. Gabe is into Fortnite and has been thinking about the possibility of being a YouTube guru.

Lexie, Isabelle, & Sean

Alexandra, who goes by Lexie, is very easy going and can appear as shy but does not take much time to warm up to others. Lexie describes herself as “smart, upbeat, short and loving”, just to name a few. Isabelle (Belle) is a hard worker and is very helpful. Isabelle is athletic and tremendously enjoys cheerleading and gymnastics. Isabelle shares that she loves tacos, math is her favorite subject, she enjoys playing monopoly and likes rap music. Sean is very smart, reads extremely well and does a great job of sounding words out. When Sean grows up he would like to be a cop so that he can hand out stickers and Dairy Queen coupons.


Devante is a 12 year old boy who loves being active and on-the-go. He likes to run in 5K races and participates in a running club. Devante also has a “green thumb” as he has helped to grow and harvest a number of fruits and vegetables in the garden. He’s always looking for ways to help out and he loves to cut grass and use the weed-eater around the building grounds. He also takes care of the rabbits and chickens making sure they have enough water, food, and attention. Devante is a neat kid with good energy that he likes to put to use as he says that he doesn’t “have time” for video games.


Jaxen is an outgoing and chatty 6-year-old with a smile that can light up a room. He is filled with curiosity and likes to explore anything that he can, and he loves showing off his costumes and “stuffies” (stuffed animals) to new people he meets. Jaxen thrives when engaged in hands-on activities, and he particularly enjoys origami, legos, coloring, riding his bike, and playing video, computer, and board games.


If you ever have the privilege of meeting Ben, you will eventually be taken on an imaginative journey. Ben is very creative and is also quite talkative: creating a perfect opportunity to have silly conversations and think outside the box. Ben has a quirky sense of humor and is gifted with a quick wit. Ben wanted to make sure to let his future family know his other interests include “Barbies, dresses, high-heels that fit, and rainbows.”


Jayden is a playful 11 year old who is energetic and likes connections. He is non-verbal but is agile in teaching you to communicate with him in other ways such as holding your hand to let you know when he appreciates you or gestures with his hands to indicate that he would like something within your reach. He is a good eater and enjoys food of all sorts.


Katrina or Kat (the nickname suits her well since she LOVES cats and has been known to wear cat ears, paw gloves and a tail, just for fun!) is fun-loving and sporty. The YMCA is one of her favorite places. In the summer, she can be found diving into the pool and in the winter she is on the basketball or racquetball court. She doesn’t necessarily know the rules to these games, but her enthusiasm and stamina more than make up for that!


Natasha has a calm and quiet disposition.  She is tall for a 14 year old and that height comes in handy because she loves to play basketball.  Although she may look slightly older than she is, at heart Natasha is still very much a girl in no particular hurry to grow up.  She is kind to younger children and has been a great asset at the daycare center her foster mother runs. 

Amerie and Angel

Although Amerie and Angel don’t look alike and will surely claim they are polar opposites, a little time with them reveals that these sisters have a lot in common. They are both unique and true to themselves. They are friendly, interesting and completely delightful to be around.


“Everybody loves this kid!” - that’s the kind of thing you hear about Sierra. A long list of positive adjectives follow when painting a picture of this dear girl including: loveable, caring, polite, helpful to others, sweet, fun, outgoing, positive, willing to try new things, and a good worker. She loves, loves, loves animals and has dogs, kittens, and bunnies to care for and play with in her current foster home.

Jay and Maria

Maria and Lemuel (Jay) are active, engaging, and curious kids. They are constantly on the go and will spend all day playing outside if you let them! They are sweet, kind, and both have incredibly unique personalities.


Crystal doesn’t have too many preferences when thinking about what she wants in a family, but she thinks she would do well in a single mom family or a mom and dad family. Crystal does have two younger brothers who she would like to remain in contact with. She is open to there being other children in an adoptive family, especially older siblings. Crystal is open to living in a variety of different communities. All in all, Crystal will do well with a family that can provide her with a lot of attention and affection, a family that likes talking and chatting, a family that can provide her with opportunities for personal empowerment, and a family that has or is open to having pets—preferably a cat.


Jahairius, also known as, Jay, is a thoughtful, articulate 15 year old young man who has a huge heart. It may take him a little time to warm up, but when he does, he is talkative and engaging. Jay likes to play sports, listen to music, and spend time with his peers. He has an interest in cars. Jay is a talented artist and has dreams of becoming an automotive engineer. Jay is also an excellent cook, especially when it comes to desserts!


Sammy likes Shakira. A LOT. THE MOST. Unless she ever hears Shakira has done drugs, because drugs are dumb and “you can’t be a role model if you do them.” She likes getting her hair done, or going to the Dollar Store. Sammy has trouble coming up with nice words to describe herself, but the adults who know her helped. She can be brave, and sticks up for other kids. She can be kind, like when she made a handmade card for a church friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She can definitely be funny.


Talkative, polite, quirky, and funny are all great ways to describe Jayden. Jayden is engaging and will share what’s on his mind. He has a big heart and is loyal to the people he is closest to. Jayden is a reader and can spend a day lost in the pages of sci-fi or Greek mythology book. In between trips to the library, Jayden likes to spend time on computers and playing video games


Sierra (16) describes herself as “outgoing, kind, funny— like I’m super funny… anything will make me laugh!” She is fun to talk with and enjoys talking about smaller things that lead into larger discussions. Sierra likes to express herself through different hair colors and makeup styles and she is very talented. Some days she likes to keep busy doing things that keep her moving like nature walks “especially if they end with a bonfire with s’mores!” Other days she’s perfectly happy going to the movies or hanging out at home.


Ellie is a charming, thoughtful, and friendly 15 year old. Initially, Ellie can be a bit shy at first but quickly opens up to new people. She is an absolute joy to converse with and be around! She is very curious and enjoys sharing her thoughts and opinions on     various topics like music (hip hop and rap are her favorites), what apps are “cool”, dance, and run.


Christopher is a 12 year old boy who has been described by many as kind, sweet, and considerate. When most people first meet Christopher they take notice of his calm demeanor and his sense of curiosity. Christopher is very athletic and likes to play a number of sports - especially football. He likes to showcase his athletic energy as soon as he gets off of the school bus and races his older foster brothers to the front porch, and he usually wins!


Gabrielle “Gabe” is a 7 year old boy who is full of energy and imagination. He’s been described as kind, helpful, and thoughtful. He loves to play with Legos and toys so that he can come up with superhero stories and eventually save the day! Gabe is active and likes being able to play outside to burn off his energy.

Chris and Alicia

Chris has a smile that can light up a room!  He likes to watch and play all kinds of sports and prefers to shoot baskets more than read books.  Chris worries if someone he cares about is struggling and will stand up for anyone he considers a friend.  He can be quiet at times but will bust out a hilarious one-liner when its least expected. Alicia is feisty and tough but also kind hearted; she is a supportive friend and older sister.  Although she likes to get decked out occasionally, she’d usually prefer to be in jeans, tossing a fishing line to see what bites. 

Why choose Ampersand Families?

I am the oldest of six kids born into a loving and supportive family. We were our parents top priority and our parents poured themselves into nurturing us and being present for us. I am involved with ampersand because it is unconscionable that there are kids in the world that don’t get what I had.

Steve, Board Member

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