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"I am a 15 year old girl who is smart, funny, fashionable, and musical. Others might describe me as “giggly, caring, caring toward others, and social.” I can be stubborn and sassy sometimes,. For fun, I like to go to Valley Fair, football, basketball, shopping, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail), and spending time with friends. I love music —screamo, rap, heavy metal and country."


Matheau is an unintentionally hilarious 17-year-old know-it-all. His catchphrase is, “Uh, obviously,” second only to, “Well, actually.” Matheau doesn’t just want you to think he knows everything, but he would actually like to know everything, if he could.


Christian is an easy-going, respectful teenager and he loves being with people. Although he may not always initiate conversations, Christian enjoys talking and responds well to open-ended questions and likes to share his thoughtful, honest perspective.


If Daniel happens across a treat, no matter how small, the first thing he will try to do is figure out how he can share it. He prides himself on noticing details and figuring out how things work.


Jonathan has an awesome sense of humor and enjoys interacting with peers and adults. He loves animals and grew up in a family that raised three tiny dogs. His teachers report that he is a hard worker and a good student. Jonathan is a good reader and has always loved to read.


Nathan is a 16-year-old young man with a charming smile and infectious laugh. He can enjoy himself relaxing at home watching movies and playing video games, or spending time outdoors. His favorite season is winter because he loves to snowmobile.


Carissa is the life of the party according to Lindsey. She is sweet, chatty, creative, and likes to catch you off guard with a hilarious and outlandish comment. She has a childlike sweetness, and a quick way to your heart. She is up for trying new things, and is hoping to join her high school basketball team for the first time this year.


Spending time with Riley is often like basking in a ray of sunlight. His dark hair frizzes around his cherubic face like a halo and he immediately grasps your hand, confident that his friendliness will be returned.


Markell is a polite and charming 15-year-old. He is funny, engaging, and loves to be active. He likes sports and is a valued player on his basketball and football teams. He’s very responsible about going to practice and his coaches say that he is a great team player. Markell is smart and takes his education seriously.


Hope is a proud country girl. She has grown up in small farming communities and that is clearly where her heart is. She is open and funny in conversation and tends to have a dry sense of humor. Although she enjoys shopping and getting her hair done, she also loves fishing and riding a four-wheeler.


CJ (16) can be reserved when you first meet him, but he opens up with people that he trusts. He tends to be pretty easy-going, although when it comes to a topic he cares about he will definitely speak up!


Fun-loving and talkative, D’Artagnan is often a delight to be around. He loves humor of all kinds and is surprisingly witty for a second-grader. He uses his whole body to express himself and doesn’t do anything halfway. His exuberance is occasionally exhausting but always endearing.


Ambrosia is a natural performer; a charming girl, full of flair, with a dazzling smile which she shares generously. But when it comes to Ambrosia and her thoughts about a family – it’s not an act. She wants the real deal: a family where she doesn’t have to perform to earn love; a family who will accept her and not give up on her.


Talondre has the manners of a perfect gentlemen and a smile that can light up the room. He is a charming, go-with-the-flow kind of kid. People who know Talondre well describe him as “funny and playful, engaging and sweet.” He stays active by playing sports, riding his scooter, or spending time at the park.


Dylan is a 17-year-old boy with a big heart and a unique sense of humor! He is really interested in rocks and has quite an impressive collection. Dylan also enjoys walking and exploring outdoors, particularly hiking around quarries and woods. Dylan likes to go swimming and work out at the local YMCA.


Rachael is a smart and active 13-year-old. Like most young teens, she likes listening to music, playing basketball, and hanging out with her friends. Rachael enjoys learning and does well in school— her favorite subject is math. She has a quick wit and fun sense of humor, although she can also bring the teenage attitude!

Jacob A

Jacob elicits the same response in everyone who knows him - unqualified affection. With a quick smile and an engaging look, he charms pretty much everyone he meets.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

I am the oldest of six kids born into a loving and supportive family. We were our parents top priority and our parents poured themselves into nurturing us and being present for us. I am involved with ampersand because it is unconscionable that there are kids in the world that don’t get what I had.

Steve, Board Member

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