Jada and Arramond

Jada is a caring, intelligent, outgoing young woman!  Her family and independence are two of her main priorities and things she values most. 

Arramond is also caring, humorous, and cares deeply for his family and friends.  He likes to play sports-basketball especially! Read More


When asked how he would describe his personality, Edward stated, “I’m perky, but sometimes grumpy.” Others in his life note that he is a very talkative, outgoing, funny, intelligent, and inquisitive young man. Edward has spent time on farms growing up and after a short time with him, you can tell he is very knowledgeable and interested in everything outdoors. Read More


Kayden is an outgoing child who has a great sense of humor and appreciates people who can joke around with him!  He’s very talkative once you get to know him, but is cautious when he is just meeting a new person or a new place. Read More


Jayden is a playful 11 year old who is energetic and likes connections. He is non-verbal but is agile in teaching you to communicate with him in other ways such as holding your hand to let you know when he appreciates you or gestures with his hands to indicate that he would like something within your reach. He is a good eater and enjoys food of all sorts. Read More


Chris has a smile that can light up a room!  He likes to watch and play all kinds of sports and prefers to shoot baskets more than read books.  Chris worries if someone he cares about is struggling and will stand up for anyone he considers a friend.  He can be quiet at times but will bust out a hilarious one-liner when its least expected. Read More


Rosa is an active, likable, and funny young lady with a big heart. Rosa enjoys playing basketball and shopping. She has an artistic side as well. Read More

Jay and Maria

Maria and Lemuel (Jay) are active, engaging, and curious kids. They are constantly on the go and will spend all day playing outside if you let them! They are sweet, kind, and both have incredibly unique personalities... Read More


Dre'Vonne (Dre) is a funny, active, helpful, smart, and caring boy who can be a bit shy when you first meet him.  Dre tends to play it cool around strangers, but he warms up as he gets to know you over time.  Cracking silly jokes with him may get you an eye roll or eyebrow raise, but he enjoys using humor with others!  Dre loves anything/everything about basketball and would like to join his school basketball team.  He also has a passion for music (modern hip hop/rap), enjoys video games, reading, and likes remote control cars. Read More


Devante is a 14 year old boy who loves being active and on-the-go. He’s always looking for ways to help out... Read More


Izaich is a cool, creative, and car-ing kid. He likes to play basket-ball and make art... Read More


Cat is artistic, introspective, and an adventurous soul. Cat loves culture, traveling, exotic foods, and exploring differences in the world. Cat is very mature and desires a family that is liberal and open to helping them discover their place in the world... Read More


Brandon describes himself as a caring and respectful teen who values his independence and has a strong ability to advocate for himself and for others.  He can be a leader with his peers when given some guidance and the opportunity.  His two favorite words are resilience and optimism... Read More


Rakia has an outgoing personality.  She is friendly and has a big heart. Rakia is smart and takes pride in her education. Read More


Ashton is smart, outgoing, friendly, and very polite. He thrives on one-on-one attention from adults and likes stuffed animals and being tucked into bed at night. Ashton often connects better with younger kids because he enjoys the chance to play outside and is not yet interested in staying inside playing video games all day like many older teen boys! Read More


Ari is a kind, passionate 16 year old girl who loves to tell you what’s on her mind.  Ari describes herself as a self-advocate who lets people know what she wants, needs and thinks... Read More


Derek (15) is a very inquisitive, clever and creative young man who likes to share strange, but interesting facts. Derek is a fascinating person to be around. He is the coolest nerd. His interests are: Dungeons & Dragons, LARP’ing [Live Action Role Play], creating ‘art’ with Legos, ‘alien watching/hunting, space, and ‘adventuring’ outdoors. Read More


Kail (12) is an outgoing and talkative guy, with no shortage of wilderness facts! Read More


Alexis is a very happy girl who expresses joy by smiling or clapping.  She really enjoys listening to music, being taken for walks outside, and being around other kids. She likes to watch her classmates when they are in the gym or in band when she's at school. Her favorite musical artist is Pink, but she enjoys a variety of other artists too! Read More


Gabrielle “Gabe” is an 8 year old boy who is full of energy and imagination. He’s been described as kind, helpful, and thoughtful. He loves to play with Legos and toys so that he can come up with superhero stories and eventually save the day! Gabe is active and likes being able to play outside to burn off his energy. Read More

Armani & Adam

Armani (12, they/them) describes themselves as “cool.” Others describe them as, “creative, insightful, and a strong advocate.” They are generally quiet until they get to know people.

Adam (10, he/him) describes himself as, “quiet, unless I want to talk and then I’ll talk all I want.” Others describe him as, “funny, energetic, and a mix of introvert and extrovert.” Read More


Walker is a very thoughtful, friendly, and intelligent teenage boy.  Walker tends to be a straight A student, and has a lot of pride in his school work!  Because he does so well in school, Walker could be a great leader with his peers and is working on these skills. Read More


Gabe is a competitive 14 year old who loves sports, especially basketball. He enjoys listening to music and will often rap to his favorite songs. He likes to make people smile and is always mindful of other’s needs. Gabe is into Fortnite and has been thinking about the possibility of being a YouTube guru. Read More


Jahairius (16), also known as, Jay, is a thoughtful, articulate young man who has a huge heart. Jay is very active and enjoys playing sports [football is his favorite], listening to music, and spending time with his peers. He has a ‘charming’ persona that people, young and old, tend to flock to. Jay has an interest in vintage cars. His favorite car of all times is the 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. Read More


Jaxon is a funny kid who likes to make people laugh. Jaxon can be extremely endearing. He is a polite kid and presents with good manners. Jaxon can be shy at first but once he feels comfortable, he can become very outgoing and talkative. Read More


Benjamin, affectionately called “Benny” by some, could be described as smart, curious, and joyfully sarcastic... Read More


Talondre is a curious and perceptive 15 year old. His charm, energy, and smile tend to earn him the attention of others. Others describe him as, “thoughtful, funny, engaging and sweet.” He cares deeply for people, particularly his siblings and caregivers and is fiercely loyal. He is an active youth who loves to play basketball, video games, and cook meals. Read More


Jaxen is an outgoing and chatty 8-year-old with a smile that can light up a room. He is filled with curiosity and likes to explore anything that he can... Read More


Shakira is described as being sweet, smart, a good leader, athletic, and friendly. She is a young lady with big dreams and those close to her believe she can and will be successful in whatever she puts her mind to! Shakira says she enjoys being active, spending time outside, hanging out with friends, being adventurous, swimming, and horses. Read More


Bridget is an active, likable, young lady who can be very outgoing once she feels comfortable around you. Read More


“Emma is an thoughtful, engaging, personable, and genuine 15 year old. She is talkative and enjoys having one on one conversations with people... Read More


Antonio (16) describes himself as, “athletic, adventurous, and humorous.” Others have described him as, “kind, smart, calm, and easygoing.” Antonio LOVES to be outdoors and will be outside as much as he can,  rain or shine (“but preferably sun”). He’s especially enjoyed past opportunities to go four-wheel riding and hunting for sport. When he has to be inside, he enjoys playing video games (sports games), board games, and sleeping. He is a three season athlete football in the fall, basketball, in the winter, and soccer in the spring. Read More

Why choose Ampersand Families?

Jen and Michelle spoke the truth about Permanency!! Explained what is and is not permanent for the child.  Best workshop of the conference!

National CASA Conference workshop participant

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