Talkative, polite, quirky, and funny are all great ways to describe Jayden. Jayden shares what’s on his mind, but he’s also very introspective. If Jayden could spend the day doing anything it would be playing video games or spending time on the computer. However, Jayden has many interests including playing chess, watching Dr. Who, building with Legos, collecting Pokémon cards, and looking through car magazines.


“Everybody loves this kid!” - that’s the kind of thing you hear about Sierra. A long list of positive adjectives follow when painting a picture of this dear girl including: loveable, caring, polite, helpful to others, sweet, fun, outgoing, positive, willing to try new things, and a good worker. She loves, loves, loves animals and has dogs, kittens, and bunnies to care for and play with in her current foster home.


Natasha has a calm and quiet disposition.  She is tall for a 13 year old and that height comes in handy because she loves to play basketball and is also interested in volleyball.  Although she may look slightly older than she is, at heart Natasha is still very much a girl in no particular hurry to grow up.  She is not one to spend all morning in the bathroom primping; she would rather be comfortable and just get on with her day.  She is kind to younger children and has been a great asset at the daycare center her foster mother runs. 


Rose likes A LOT of things that she’s happy to number off for you. She likes fuzzy blankets (and has about 15). She likes cats. She LOVES owls. She likes camping, swimming, softball, and arts and crafts. She is currently working on a “motivation board” that, as far as I can tell, is basically an owl collage. She likes Legos, and “building things? Like in a workshop?” Most importantly, she LOVES READING. LOVES IT.


Elijah is open minded and interested in hearing a wide variety of ideas and viewpoints. He appreciates food and thinks he might like to be a cook one day. He helped his foster dad can tomatoes recently and he makes a mean lemon bread.


Matheau is an unintentionally hilarious 17-year-old know-it-all. His catchphrase is, “Uh, obviously,” second only to, “Well, actually.” Matheau doesn’t just want you to think he knows everything, but he would actually like to know everything, if he could.


If Daniel happens across a treat, no matter how small, the first thing he will try to do is figure out how he can share it. He prides himself on noticing details and figuring out how things work.


Jenup’s smile will light up a room! He’s a super athlete (he’s already completed over ten 5k’s and started on his school’s track team!) and a super student- he is so proud of himself for doing well in school and has big goals for his future.


Damien is one of those middle school boys you meet who shows that charming combination of being outgoing and chatty, but still kind of shy at the same time. When he relaxes in a social setting he is personable, soft spoken, polite, talkative, friendly and funny. He doesn’t always get the joke, but he’ll laugh and goof around anyway.


Spending time with Riley is often like basking in a ray of sunlight. His dark hair frizzes around his cherubic face like a halo and he immediately grasps your hand, confident that his friendliness will be returned.

Amerie and Angel

Although Amerie and Angel don’t look alike and will surely claim they are polar opposites, a little time with them reveals that these sisters have a lot in common. They are both unique and true to themselves. They are friendly, interesting and completely delightful to be around.

Jay and Maria

Maria and Lemuel (Jay) are active, engaging, and curious kids. They are constantly on the go and will spend all day playing outside if you let them! They are sweet, kind, and both have incredibly unique personalities.


Alexis is a direct, chatty ,and positive teenager, although at times she can be shy. She has a great sense of humor– she’s always on the lookout for a good joke! An excellent conversationalist, Alexis rarely fails to ask, “So what’s new with you?” and then she listens intently for your answer.  Alexis loves the world around her and jumps at the chance to go new places, try new things, and explore. She is a sweetheart through and through—rarely will you meet a girl her age who consistently and spontaneously expresses her affection and gratitude to those around her.


Katrina or Kat (the nickname suits her well since she LOVES cats and has been known to wear cat ears, paw gloves and a tail, just for fun!) is fun-loving and sporty. The YMCA is one of her favorite places. In the summer, she can be found diving into the pool and in the winter she is on the basketball or racquetball court. She doesn’t necessarily know the rules to these games, but her enthusiasm and stamina more than make up for that!


If you ever have the privilege of meeting Ben, you will eventually be taken on an imaginative journey. Ben is very creative and is also quite talkative: creating a perfect opportunity to have silly conversations and think outside the box. Ben has a quirky sense of humor and is gifted with a quick wit. Ben wanted to make sure to let his future family know his other interests include “Barbies, dresses, high-heels that fit, and rainbows.”


Talondre has the manners of a perfect gentlemen and a smile that can light up the room. He is a charming, go-with-the-flow kind of kid. People who know Talondre well describe him as “funny and playful, engaging and sweet.” He stays active by playing sports, riding his scooter, or spending time at the park.


Crystal doesn’t have too many preferences when thinking about what she wants in a family, but she thinks she would do well in a single mom family or a mom and dad family. Crystal does have two younger brothers who she would like to remain in contact with. She is open to there being other children in an adoptive family, especially older siblings. Crystal is open to living in a variety of different communities. All in all, Crystal will do well with a family that can provide her with a lot of attention and affection, a family that likes talking and chatting, a family that can provide her with opportunities for personal empowerment, and a family that has or is open to having pets—preferably a cat.

Amani, Ashante & Iyahna

Amani, Ashante, and Iyahna need a family that can keep up with their high energy! They would do great in a family who is active and engaging and who will support each of them as their own unique person.


Vinny is a “people person,” but he will find time to unwind on his own by watching a scary movie, playing video games, or going for a walk to the park. He enjoys the social aspect of school and is well liked by his peers. Vinny also has a passion for sports particularly baseball, football, and basketball and he has played on a number teams. He also likes to follow sports and claims to be a huge Detroit Tigers fan and he can often be seen sporting Minnesota Wild gear. Lastly, Vinny loves to sing and he’s a member of his school’s choir.


Samantha, who goes by Sammy, is a funny and smart 14 year old. She is a fun, quirky young lady who does not hesitate to say what’s on her mind! Sammy loves music and has a long list of favorite singers (one of her dreams is to someday meet Shakira!).

Why choose Ampersand Families?

I have been a consultant to non-profits for many years and I can say without any doubt, Ampersand Families is one of the best run non-profits in the country.  I know the time and money I give the organization is put to the best use.

Marian, Former Board Member

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