Renee Banas (she/her) – Kin Link Program Director

Renee Banas (she/her) – Kin Link Program Director

Renee joined Ampersand Families in October 2017. She is thrilled to continue her work with an organization that supports children and families.

Renee earned her BA in Elementary Education from Concordia University St. Paul, and spent many joyous and chaotic years teaching young children both in the United States and Egypt. Her passion for cross-cultural communication led her to pursue a Master of Arts degree in Islamic Studies upon returning from Egypt. Prior to joining Ampersand, she worked at Catholic Charities meeting clients at all walks of life; refugees, young pregnant mothers, adults with disabilities, and homeless elders. She has discovered that there is much to be learned from each other through our inter-generational relationships, and what better way to begin doing that then within families?

In Renee’s spare time she enjoys outdoor adventures with her boys; hiking, swimming, biking, sledding and taking in a major league baseball game when they can. She also spends a good deal of time reading, writing and tending her gardens.

Posts by Renee:

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Our Mission

The mission of Ampersand Families is to provide permanency and adoption services to older youth and families who face barriers to equity in child welfare, and to champion systemic changes that advance belonging, dignity and hope.

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