Aubrey Haddican, (she/her) – Program Director

Aubrey Haddican, MSW LICSW, (she/her) – Program Director

Aubrey started at Ampersand Families in 2014 as a Permanency Specialist, and has been a Program Director since 2019. She received her MSW from the University of Minnesota, and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for undergrad, majoring in Psychology and African-American Studies, and minoring in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies. She previously worked at the 4th District Guardian ad Litem Program and the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC).

Aubrey initially entered the field of social work with the intention of becoming a therapist focused on working with teens, and a special interest in youth who were involved in foster care and adoption. While being a therapist isn’t off Aubrey’s bucket list, she’s settled in at Ampersand Families, finding the spectrum of programs that address individual systems, family systems, and the child welfare system itself provides an incredible opportunity to get a broad look at the issues that interest her. And, she just still really, really likes working with teens. It’s a time of life that requires adults to constantly step back and reconsider whether their job is to parent, coach, listen, learn, or partner. And nobody is better at identifying something that’s unfair than a teen, which makes them one of the best sources for learning whether the child welfare system that’s built for them is serving them.

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When not working, Aubrey likes to introvert at home. She loves cooking, and at this moment is likely restraining herself from telling somebody they’re using the wrong kind of mortar and pestle. She’s also a huge fan of horror movies, sci fi and fantasy books, and powerlifting.

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