Tori Hensley

Tori Hensley has worked as a Foster Care Licensor since 2016, working primarily with relative-kin families throughout the state of Minnesota. She is inspired by the commitment that relatives and kin have for keeping children and youth connected to their families, communities, and culture throughout the child protection process. She extremely passionate about providing education, support, and advocacy to relative-kin families throughout the licensure process and ongoing. She is thrilled to be joining the Ampersand team.

Engaging Relatives and Kin throughout the Child Welfare Process

Reaching for Healing, Equity, and Permanency; by Tori Hensley and Misty Coonce Being separated from birth parents or caretakers via the child welfare system is a traumatic experience for children and youth. Too often, being placed in out of home care means that children lose their connection to everything that is familiar to them; their… Read more

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