Who is Jaxon?

Jaxon is a funny kid who likes to make people laugh. Jaxon has a lot of big feelings and is still learning how to express them appropriately. Jaxon can be extremely enduring. He is a polite kid and presents with good manners. When his feelings build up, the politeness and manners can be overtaken by the intensity of his feelings. Jaxon can be shy at first but once he feels comfortable, he can become very outgoing and talkative. He is often observing people as he gets to know them and assess someone at great length before he chooses to trust them. Jaxon likes to be ‘in the know’ when adults are discussing decisions for his life. He does not appreciate when others speak for or about him- he likes to ‘tell his own story.’ Jaxon loves animals; especially replies. He also loves food and is willing to try anything. He enjoys video games but these need to be closely monitored. Jaxon likes making friends and enjoys school for the social aspect of it. He also likes lego and building things with his hands.

A Family for Jaxon

A family for Jaxon would need to have some skills on deescalation and be willing to engage in creative discipline strategies. A family for Jaxon will need to be able to have a lot of structure and set firm boundaries. It is important that Jaxon is in a family that is able to give him a lot of positive reinforcement. Parenting Jaxon will require a lot of patience and follow through. Jaxon would do well in a home with pets. Jaxon would do best in a two parent household. Jaxon’s future family will need to be committed to keeping him connected with his biological father.

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