Aliya White

Aliya recently joined Ampersand in 2021 during her transition from over 20 years of corporate research to public service and a desire to respond at a leadership level to racial bias. Like most Minnesotans, after experiencing the trauma of George Floyd’s public murder, she wanted to do something. Because she spent most of her professional career information gathering, she did a lot of reading and concluded that she needed to be a part of systemic change. She believes her unique contribution to Ampersand Families’ board are her skills in understanding an organizations’ goals, creating clear objective-based actions and deep listening and analysis to create next steps. She is excited to bring her diverse perspective, passion for justice and strategic skills to Ampersand Families’ antiracist mission.

She has seen firsthand, the pain and trauma caused in separating families but still has the audacity to hope for new outcomes and new ways of intervening for children and families.

These Things We Believe

As staff and board members at Ampersand Families, we have a sort of credo — a list of guiding principles. They aren’t radical, yet given the state of the child welfare system you could be forgiven for thinking they are. Here they are. Read them. If you feel the same, find out how you can help us create a… Read more

Leadership Value

We champion positive change and proactively advance ideas and innovations that strengthen practices, accountability and outcomes throughout the child welfare system.

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