Meet Long

Long is a very smart, thoughtful and interesting guy! He likes to play the violin, skateboarding, and knows some pretty cool yo-yo tricks. Long is making great connections with friends at school and virtually through video games. He appreciates direct communication but also a sharp sense of humor. Long enjoy some alone time, but would like to be social with a family as well. He likes fishing, the outdoors, and going out to eat (especially sushi).

A Family for Long

The right family for Long will have a calm and patient demeanor, and let Long warm up on his own terms. He would do best in a household with straightforward communication, and allows for openness in talking about frustrations or needs. Long would do best in a home that allows him to explore his interests, and gives him opportunities to make connections to peers in the community. He would do fine with other youth in the home, but would prefer kids around his age. Long does not identify with a religion at this time. The right home for Long will continue to support his educational goals, mental health, and work to keep him connected to birth family.

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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