Meet Kaylie

Kaylie is a sweet and soft-spoken young lady who is open to exploring new things as long as she does not feel pressured into doing those things. Kaylie likes being independent and making her own decisions. She is a social butterfly. It is easy for Kaylie to make new friends. People tend to draw to her positive energy. Kaylie enjoys hanging out with her peers but also would like to be placed in a home where she and her parents can share 1:1 time with one another. Kaylie is a huge fan of school 1 however more so for the social aspect. Although Kaylie likes school1 she mentioned that she is not too fond of homework. Like most teenage girls1 Kaylie loves doing her hair1 make- up 1 & most importantly1 shopping. Kaylie would like to be with a family that are active and lives in a suburban area. She is comfortable if this family has pets. Dogs are ok however she is opposed to cats. Kaylie has also stated that she would prefer a family with children so that she could have a sibling(s) in the home.

A Family for Kaylie

Kaylie needs a family who has experience with children who have experienced a lot of trauma. The family would need to have an understanding of her mental health needs and barriers associated with this1 as well as1 parenting strategies around these barriers. A calm 1 loving home where Kaylie can receive a lot of support and attention would be best. She would do best with a two-parent family with younger or older children in the home1 as it would be very beneficial to her mental health and behavioral needs. If the family does already have children in the home that are the same age as Kaylie or old er1 they would need to identify as female. It is important to Kaylie that the family will support her vegetarian lifestyle. Following adoption Kaylie would like to maintain contact with a previous foster family and her birth mother, if she wishes.

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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