Meet Alexis

Alexis is a very happy girl who expresses joy by smiling or clapping.  She really enjoys listening to music, being taken for walks outside, and being around other kids. Alexis also loves to eat and enjoys everything she is given.  There isn’t a food or snack that she hasn’t liked so far! She likes to watch her classmates when they are in the gym or in band when she’s at school. Her favorite musical artist is Pink, but she enjoys a variety of other artists too!  Alexis has no shortage of people around her who care about her, and she seems to react positively to those individuals. Alexis loves her brothers and lights up when she hears his voice.  They have a special bond that will be important to maintain. Some days she can get a little moody like many of her teenage peers, but she is typically happy and a joy to be around!

A Family for Alexis

Alexis needs a family who is patient and compassionate, and who will keep Alexis involved as much as she can be with her environment. The family would need to have the ability to manage on-going medical appointments for Alexis. She is non-verbal and wheel chair bound-although she has daily exercises outside of her chair and loves to move to music.  Alexis is not able to express her wishes about what type of family she would like, but her older brother and professional team would love Alexis to be with a family who has patience and compassion for children with special needs, who will keep Alexis involved as much as she can be with her environment, maintain her connection with her siblings, stay curious about Alexis’s needs and growth potential, and have the ability to organize appointments and follow-ups with doctors to address her medical needs.  The ideal family would have training on caring for a non-ambulatory child and would need to have the ability to manage daily exercises or organize professionals who support these needs.

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