Amerie and Angel

Who are Amerie and Angel?
Although Amerie and Angel don’t look alike and will surely claim they are polar opposites, a little time with them reveals that these sisters have a lot in common.  They are both unique and true to themselves.  They are friendly, interesting and completely delightful to be around.  Amerie might initially fool you into thinking that she is quiet and reserved (she can be like that sometimes), but when she is comfortable, she is open and hilarious.  Amerie often looks like an alternative Audrey Hepburn.  Her pixie cut may be pink, but even Audrey couldn’t match Amerie’s perfect eyeliner!

Angel isn’t into makeup; her adornments come from her nose and lip rings.  Angel radiates an easy warmth and she is a natural caregiver.  She is curious and her presence makes Amerie a little more confident.  Angel loves K-pop (Korean boy bands) which Amerie can’t stand.  Amerie likes lo-fi music which Angel thinks is boring!  Musical taste aside, the connection between Amerie and Angel is instantly obvious.  They are vital supports to one another – cracking each other up constantly is just an added bonus.

A Family for Amerie and Angel

Amerie and Angel are open to any combination of gender identity and sexual orientation. They’re open to any race (ICWA applies, but non-tribal families are considered). They have two kittens who MUST come with them. They don’t care what religion their adoptive parents are, as long as they’re “not overbearing about it.” They’d like to live in an urban area. They want a kitchen that is open ANY TIME, because they love to cook and they love to eat. They want parents who are okay with them getting tattoos, because when they turn 18, they’re going to get a matching set.


What’s most important is a family that will respect and support them as they navigate relationships with birth family. They want parents who support them when they want contact, and will support them when they choose not to have contact. And, of course, their relationship with each other is hugely important to them. They are sisters, through and through, and intend to stay that way.

The connection between Amerie and Angel is instantly obvious. They are vital supports to one another – cracking each other up constantly is just an added bonus.

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