Meet Angel

Angel (16) describes herself as, “nice, respectful, & fun.” Others have described her as, “thoughtful, artistic, and athletic.” Although Angel is on the quieter side when she meets new people she is not shy when speaking up for herself and practicing her advocacy skills. Angel LOVES animals, especially walking the dogs or spending time with the cats. When not indoor with her pets, Angel enjoys being on her school’s hockey and softball teams. Angel also likes to watch TikTok & Youtube videos, play Roadblox, and before the pandemic, hanging out with her friends. Her favorite foods are mac and cheese, sushi, spaghetti, and “broccoli if I’m in the mood.” She is also a big fan of strawberry smoothies and cookie dough ice cream. Her all time favorite drink is the frozen hot chocolate at Dunkin Donuts!

A Family for Angel

When Angel thinks of permanency she thinks of forever. She would do well in a 1 or 2 parent home, although she prefers a home with a mom and a dad. She is okay with having siblings of any other age in or out of the home. Her team is open to all family compositions. It would be important for her to join a family who is active and enjoys both time inside and out of the home. The family would have to be supportive of her sports and encourage her interests in other things. Angel currently lives in home with 2 dogs and 3 other cats.
Angel would do well with a family who can provide flexible structure and support her in her permanency journey. She currently does not want to be adopted and would prefer to continue living with her foster family, so a family would need to be understanding of this. If she was to move, Angel is advocating for herself to remain in her current school district where she can be with her friends and teammates. Angel knows this may not be a realistic possibility but respectfully voices her preference. A family that can help in continuing to build her self esteem and introduce her to new and different activities would be a good fit. An adoptive family for Angel would need to be able to support her relationship with specific birth relatives such has her younger siblings and paternal side.

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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