Meet Ari

Ari is a kind, passionate 16 year old girl who loves to tell you what’s on her mind.  Ari describes herself as a self-advocate who let’s people know what she wants, needs and thinks. However, she can be reserved with people that she doesn’t know very well, and most people describe her as having a calm, laid back demeanor. Ari is all about relationships and she makes strong connections to the people in her life. For fun she likes hanging out with friends, spending time on social media, and learning about fashion. She has a strong interest in fashion and can list off multiple designers and talk in detail about particular designs. Ari also likes to change up her hairstyle and learned quite a bit from an aunt who is a beautician. She helps out with cooking and chores, but like most teens she doesn’t always love doing chores.  Ari enjoys working at McDondald’s part-time and welcomes the responsibility.

A Family for Ari

Ari has quite a few ideas about what she wants in a family. She would prefer a single parent, but would be okay with a two parent family. She would prefer to be the only child or be in a home with 1 or 2 other children.  Ari says she wants a family that will accept her as she is, understand her culturally, and give her some degree of teenage independence. She likes dogs, but she’s not a fan of cats. She prefers to stay within the Twin Cities metro area. She is open to going to church, but wants it to be optional. Ari wants a family that likes to “travel, go shopping, and go out to eat.” She would like to remain in contact with her younger sister who lives in MN, and remain in touch with her cousin (also best friend) who lives in Chicago. Lastly,  Ari wants her family to be comfortable with her being a self advocate and having open and honest conversations.

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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