Armani & Adam

About Armani

Armani (12, they/them) describes themselves as “cool.” Others describe them as, “creative, insightful, and a strong advocate.” They are  generally quiet until they get to know people. After awhile, when they feel comfortable, they will show off their outgoing and bold personality. Armani LOVES music both listening and singing to specifically the reggae and pop queens like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and Jessie J. They enjoy watching Anime, and reading Manga which are Japanese comic and graphic novels. Armani is a very talented artist and loves to draw. They are also learning American Sign Language for fun.

About Adam

Adam (10, he/him) describes himself as, “quiet, unless I want to talk and then I’ll talk all I want.” Others describe him as, “funny, energetic, and a mix of introvert and extrovert.”  You can often find Adam giggling or laughing since he loves to laugh. When asked what his favorite foods are Adam said, “tacos and spaghetti, AND tacos and spaghetti, AND tacos and spaghetti.” Although he has a strong love for the two foods, he has never tried spaghetti IN a taco. In the summer Adam likes to play outside, especially football but in the colder months he would rather play inside. Adam likes to watch Anime and play video games.

A Family for Them

When thinking about permanency and family both Armani and Adam envision a family who will take care of them, are supportive, and make them laugh and feel safe. Their permanency team is open to different family compositions as long as the family is interested and prepared to support a youth who is exploring their gender identity. Other qualities in a family the team is looking for are keeping the kids connected to their culture, knowledgeable of mental health, strong advocacy skills, and patience. Their team is primarily looking at families in the metro area right now because Adam and Armani have siblings (who are in adoptive homes) in the area they will need to stay connected with on a regular basis. This is very important to both Armani, Adam, and their team. Both kids enjoy animals and would love to have a pet.

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