Meet Ashton

Ashton is a 16 year old young man who is often described as “smart”, “intelligent”, and “bright”. Ashton can be laid-back and somewhat quiet until you get him talking about cars or sports. Ashton is talented in working on cars and small engines. He enjoys playing and watching basketball, football, and hockey. Ashton also enjoys skateboarding, anime, and reading manga books.

A Family for Ashton

The right family for Ashton will approach him with the unconditional love, patience, and commitment he deserves while maintaining a structured environment with reasonable expectations. Ashton is open to different family structures and locations, as long as it is outside the Twin Cities Metro area. Ashton thoroughly enjoys animals and has no qualms with other youth in the home. Following adoption, Ashton would need to maintain contact with his brothers, aunts, and grandmother.”

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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