Devante is a 14 year old boy who loves being active and on-the-go. He likes to run in 5K races, swim, hunt, go camping, and be outside. Devante loves to go fishing and knows what boat to use, how to bate, and the best places to catch fish. Devante also has a “green thumb” as he has helped to grow and harvest a number of fruits and vegetables in the garden. He’s always looking for ways to help out and he loves to cut grass and use the weed-eater. Devante has volunteered to cut grass for the elderly in the past. He also takes care of the rabbits and chickens making sure they have enough water, food, and attention. Devante can be shy when he is in front of a large group but when spending time with him one on one, he is quick to tell share his knowledge about all the things that interest him. He is a very smart kid.

“He’s always looking for ways to help out.”

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