Who is Edward?

When asked how he would describe his personality, Edward stated, “I’m perky, but sometimes grumpy.” Others in his life note that he is a very talkative, outgoing, funny, intelligent, and inquisitive young man. He is social and makes friends easily, and he can be very thoughtful and helpful to others. Edward has spent time on farms growing up and after a short time with him, you can tell he is very knowledgeable and interested in everything outdoors. He does admit that in recent years he has gotten lazy and spends more time playing video and computer games than being active, but he is still interested in various outdoor activities such as biking, camping, fishing, and archery. Though he has not yet tried these activities, he would love the opportunity to go horseback riding, trap shooting, and hunting. Edward has interest and skills in technology, including computer programming and electronics, and he is in a robotics club in school. While he doesn’t know what he wants to do when he grows up yet, his favorite subject in school is industrial arts, and he enjoys working with his hands and making woodworking projects.

A Family for Edward

When asked what kind of family he wants, Edward says, “It depends,” to most questions, and is aware that he could do well in various types of families. While he is open to living with brothers or sisters, he does not want to be expected to watch little kids all the time. He has enjoyed living on farms, so would fit in well with a family who lives in a more rural area or is active in a variety of outdoor activities, especially if they are willing to teach him how to hunt and ride horses! He likes pets and would be fine having a pet in the home. Edward has close ties to members of his birth family that he would like to maintain, so he will need a family willing to help him navigate and grow those relationships.

When asked how he would describe his personality, Edward stated, “I’m perky, but sometimes grumpy.”

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