Meet Elijah

Elijah (14) describes himself as “fun to be around” He is described by others, as, “respectful, polite, and bright.” He is a relational youth and enjoys balancing socializing with others and having some alone time. He can comes off as reserved and quiet when you first meet him but slowly opens up the more time you spend with him. He doesn’t smile too often but when he does, his smile lights up his face and is contagious. Elijah enjoys both indoor and outdoor activities like watching movies (especially comedies and action movies!), playing video games (shooting, basketball, and baseball) , and going to the cabin. Elijah recently learned how to swim and practices his skills both in the pool and in the river that runs by the cabin. His 1:1 instructor said, “He’s one of the best students I’ve ever had.” He enjoys talking about sports but doesn’t necessarily like to play them. Elijah listens to music, but only rap, he likes to listen both with headphones and in the car with the windows down. Elijah has a healthy appetite and is not a picky eater. His favorite foods are, “ salad (olive garden’s!) and pizza—both regular and dessert pizza. The apple cinnamon one is my favorite.”

A Family for Elijah

When thinking about a family for himself Elijah pictures a “happy and fun family.” Elijah will do well in a family that is stable, positive, and consistent while providing him a sense of belonging. He is currently in a home with similar aged boys who he likes and gets along with. Elijah would also do well in a family who has adult siblings or if he was the oldest in the home but not younger siblings. Flexiblity is another word Elijah used when talking about future family characteristics. To him, “flexible parents means if something happens, wanting to talk about what happened and take a breather. Not ‘you’re grounded for a month’ with no discussion. Communication is important to me.’’ As for pets, he is not picky but would, “not like reptiles or any animals that could kill you.” But he “likes any other type of animal.”

He would thrive in a family who can nurture him and provide with opportunities to do extracurricular activities in the community. As well as interact with the local community, going to the movies, riding bikes, or even attending an event. Elijah wants a family who can help him achieve his goals of graduating high school and college. Staying connected to his birth family is also very important for Elijah. Any family would need to help maintain and grow his current connections. Elijah envisions staying in the suburbs of the metro. His team is open to all geographic areas however is currently is focusing on metro area families to respect his preferences.

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