Who is Ellie?
Ellie is a charming, thoughtful, and friendly 15 year old. Initially, Ellie can be a bit shy at first but quickly opens up to new people. She is an absolute joy to converse with and be around! She is very curious and enjoys sharing her thoughts and opinions on     various topics like music (hip hop and rap are her favorites), what apps are “cool”, dance, and run. Ellie LOVES to shop and play around with different styles of makeup. She likes math, gym, and social studies classes in school. She is very eager to learn more of how to style her Black hair and learn more about her culture and heritage as a Black girl. Ellie’s Christian Faith is important to her. Ellie is a picky eater when it comes to meals, but loves junk food at any time of the day like pickle and BBQ chips, candy, and cosmic brownies.

A Family for Ellie

When Ellie thinks of a family for herself she envisions, “a mom who has girls nights out with her daughters, a dad who will bring me to Vikings and baseball games, and at least two other siblings.” Ellie expressed wanting a family member weather that is a parent or another kid who “is African American like me and knows a little about African American hair.” She is open to pets and “doesn’t care if they have a hamster but definitely not any snakes.” Ellie wants a family who is Christian and has access to a youth group.

Ellie’s future family would need to understand how trauma can affect the developing brain and attachment. They will need to provide a consistent and structured schedule. She would do great with a family who lives in a more urban or suburban area that has racial mirrors for Ellie, who can provide opportunities, and encourage Ellie as she explores her racial identity.



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