About Emma

“Emma is an thoughtful, engaging, personable, and genuine 15 year old.  She is talkative and enjoys having one on one conversations with people.  Emma has several interests and loves to learn about many different topics!  Currently, she has been reading a lot of large medical books to learn more about becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon, which is her future career goal!  Some other interests Emma has are magic, reading, music (both listening to and making!), and animals.  She states she likes her ability to learn things and shared, “If you don’t learn, you won’t keep growing!”  Emma is insightful and likes to know what is happening in her life.  When asked what family means to her, Emma shared, “Family means you have each other’s backs.”

A Family for Emma

“Emma would like a family that is active and enjoys spending quality time together.  She states she would love to live on a farm because she likes animals but she would also take a house pet as well!  Emma is open to all family structures and states she would be open to a family with no children or where she would have siblings.  Emma would benefit from a family that can spend quality one on one time with her and show her how much she is loved.  A family with a willingness to support her in her evolving identities and who has a good understanding of trauma would be welcomed.  Emma does well with structure and being included in age-appropriate decisions about her life.  She would do best in a home with older children or no other children.”

“If you don’t learn, you won’t keep growing!”

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