Jada & Arramond

Who are Jada and Arramond?

Jada is a caring, intelligent, outgoing young woman!  Her family and independence are two of her main priorities and things she values most.  Jada enjoys trying out different makeup styles, doing her nails, painting, playing volleyball and softball, and spending time with her friends.  She is a hard worker and would like to return to her restaurant job in order to start saving for her future.  Jada would like to go to college to study marine biology.

Arramond is also caring, humorous, and cares deeply for his family and friends.  He likes to play sports-basketball especially!  Arramond also enjoys playing video games on the X-box 1.  Arramond appreciates being able to take care of his hair and outfits-his style is important to him!  Arramond really wants to get his driver’s license.  Arramond has a goal of playing in the NBA.  His favorite team is the Milwaukee Bucks.

Together, Jada and Arramond like taking trips to the mall, going to concerts, birthday parties, swimming, going to the zoo, and just staying busy.  When Jada and Arramond are together they tease each other and make each other laugh-they truly enjoy each other’s company!

A Family for Jada and Arramond

Jada and Arramond are open to adoption and interested in families, especially families of color, who live in or near the Twin Cities.  Arramond prefers a mom and a dad, but both kids are open to single parents as well.  They do not need to be the only kids in the home.  Arramond and Jada’s birth family are really important to them, and it’s important that they are able to maintain contact.  Jada and Arramond both enjoy some independence, but they also would do well with support in achieving their goals and with a family who will be there for them.  A family who has some professional experience with kids or previous experience parenting would be ideal.  Arramond is excited to take trips with a family, challenge someone in a video game, play board games, and play some basketball.  Jada would like to travel and take trips with a family, like a family to show up and show support when she plays in volleyball and softball games, cook with family, and like Arramond, is also interested in having some family game nights.

Jada is a caring, intelligent, outgoing young woman!

Arramond is caring, humorous, and cares deeply for his family and friends.

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