Jaxen is an outgoing and chatty kid with a smile that can light up a room. He is filled with curiosity and likes to explore anything that he can,
and he loves showing off his costumes, toys, and “stuffies” (stuffed animals) to new people he meets. He is the youngest of four brothers, and
enjoys any chance he gets to see and play with his older brothers. Jaxen thrives when engaged in hands-on activities, and he particularly enjoys
origami, legos, coloring, riding his bike, and playing video, computer, and board games. Jaxen LOVES everything Harry Potter! Jaxen is
affectionate and enjoys cuddling with his caregivers. He also loves learning new things, whether by watching instruction videos or being read
to by his caregivers.


Jaxen really wants his own family and thrives on one-on-one attention from his caregivers. Jaxen is getting better at managing big feelings when they come up, but still frequently needs help from adults to manage his frustration and stay safe when he gets overwhelmed. A family will need to be skilled at providing a calm and supportive presence, especially when he becomes dysregulated, and coordinating his various services and support workers. A family for Jaxen will also need to support him with maintaining his relationship with his three brothers, as they are not being adopted together. Jaxen enjoys pets and had a strong connection with his former foster dog, but he will need supervision with pets due to
some of his dysregulated behaviors.

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