Meet Jayden

Jayden is a playful 11 year old who is energetic and likes connections. He is non-verbal but is agile in teaching you to communicate with him in other ways such as holding your hand to let you know when he appreciates you or gestures with his hands to indicate that he would like something within your reach. He is a good eater and enjoys food of all sorts. Jayden can be stylish with his hoodies and caps. He likes to look good and feel good. Once you get to know him, it is not hard to tell that he is camera shy although in person he is quite the opposite.


A family for Jayden

Jayden needs a family that is skilled and willing to further develop tools necessary in helping him meet his daily needs. He definitely would appreciate a family that can care for him, love him and protect him. The right family would need to be loving, patient and understanding of his needs. In addition, Jayden is Hmong and has the desire to stay connected with his family and will need a family that can support maintaining a relationship with them. A family for Jayden should be open to being culturally competent.  He does best with structure, repetition and having someone who will be open to learning.

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