Jay and Maria

Meet Maria (14) and Lemuel (12)

Maria and Jay are active, engaging, and energetic kids! They are maturing quickly, but still maintain a joy and playfulness that they pour into every experience. They are sweet, funny, kind, and both have incredibly unique personalities.

Maria has matured quite a bit and is awesome at sharing her feelings, and being respectful to adults (even if she is a bit sassy and full of jokes). She loves playing both card games and board games, and is a patient teacher when showing you how to play. Maria is vibrant and very athletic. She often climbs trees and uses her long legs to her advantage. Maria is also a jokester and has a great sense of humor! She is in the early stages of developing some harmless teenage girl sass. For example, when asked if she likes spicy food she said, “Ooo wee! Spicy for life!”

Jay has a gentle personality and cares deeply for the people in his life. He is artistic, athletic and quite entertaining. Jay taught himself to play the piano and now plays two other instruments. Jay likes to be active and enjoys hands on activities even if it’s helping out with a repair project around the house or helping with the garden. Jay is fluent in Spanish and also loves music and dancing. He can be shy at first but is very talkative once he is comfortable and will flood you with questions. He has made a number of meaningful friendships at his school. In his downtime he doesn’t mind kicking back and playing a video game or watching a good show on TV.

A Family for Maria and Jay

Maria and Jay do best in an experienced two parent family who has an understanding of trauma and attachment. The family will need to be able to navigating therapeutic resources. These two will do best in a family who can provide consistent supervision, structure, and individual attention. Maria shares that she needs a dog in the home. They need to stay connected to their African American heritage and community, but are open to parents of any race. They need a resilient family and one that will celebrate their uniqueness!


Maria and Jay are constantly on the go and will spend all day playing outside if you let them!

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