Meet Kayden

Kayden is an outgoing child who has a great sense of humor and appreciates people who can joke around with him!  He’s very talkative once you get to know him, but is cautious when he is just meeting a new person or a new place.  Kayden appreciates consistency in his schedule and in people, and he is very caring, loyal, and thoughtful towards those most important to him.  Kayden has a lot of curiosity about the world and people around him, and is not afraid to ask questions about it!  Kayden is constantly working on his next K’NEX creation (usually roller coasters he has researched), loves playing with Legos and transformers, and has a great time climbing trees, bowling, sledding in the winter, watching baseball games and superhero movies, playing video games, and playing board games.  Recently, Kayden began karate, and although some days it’s nice to just relax and watch Youtube or build with K’NEX at home, he has admitted that he enjoys karate! Kayden likes all kinds of food and has an appetite to match.  He will almost never turn down an ice cream sundae!

A Family for Kayden

Kayden is very eager to be adopted and talks about this often!  He would love to live in the country and have a big yard to play in.  He enjoys having dogs and will “tolerate” cats in the home.  Kayden would do well with no other children in the home or only one sibling in the home so that he can get the 1:1 attention he seeks out, but he has vocalized that he would be ok with having a brother and a sister.  Kayden  has cystic fibrosis, and he needs a family that has the ability to handle his medical needs and appointments, who can provide a fairly consistent schedule and clear expectations, and who can continue to support him in his social/emotional learning.   He is continuing to gain the skills to take care of himself as a young man, but he will continue to need support and guidance.  When asked about what kind of family he wants, Kayden describes a family who will support him in learning about different religions (he’s learned about and has interest in being a Jehovah’s witness), who will allow him to be a kid and play, who will give him space to grow and learn when needed, and who will love him as the unique person he is!

Kayden is constantly working on his next K’NEX creation (usually roller coasters he has researched).

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