Meet Kaylynn

Kaylynn is an extremely social teen. She likes to be involved in all sorts of activities and enjoys making and hanging out with friends. Kaylynn does extremely well in school when she applies herself. Kaylynn is generous and kind and can be very intuitive and self-reflective if she wants to. Kaylynn likes to talk through situations.  Like most teenagers, she doesn’t like boundaries and does not hesitate to test them. Kaylynn wants to be valued and it is important to her that others like her. Kaylynn has been involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities as well as youth groups and support groups. She enjoys being part of teams and groups and is always eager to be in the midst of the action.

A Family for Kaylynn

It is important that Kaylynn have a family that can help her navigate positive relationships and healthy boundaries. The family will need to be patient and caring but have a firm family structure. Kaylynn needs a family who is willing to give her a lot of attention and talk through situations with her. Kaylynn is emotional and needs a family who can help her understand work through those emotions.


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