About Keyra

Keyra is a beautiful young woman with an independent spirit and charm. She has a softness to her personality with a sarcastic sense of humor that breaks through every once in a while. She is a go-getter and eager to succeed. She knows how to navigate her way through resources and opportunities. Keyra is always dressed to the nines and is very much into fashion. She also has a knack for acting, basketball, and art. She does not slow down for anything!

The Right Family for Keyra

Keyra recently graduated from high school and is enrolled in community college. She is quite active in her recruitment and open to many types of families. She states that she is generally open to race and structure. Keyra explains that she wants a family to know that she will need time to warm up and that she’s had many years of being independent.The right family for Keyra would be a family who would like to support a young adult while she begins her journey through college and beyond.

A Quote from Keyra

“I’m going to write a book about my life.”

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