Meet Lilly

Lilly says she is shy, but that’s hard to believe. It only takes about ten minutes for her to be awfully chatty, and this girl has A LOT of questions. Like, what’s your favorite spot in the house? What’s your favorite movie? What are your TOP TEN apples, okay, your TOP FIVE, wait, you don’t even have a TOP THREE??? She really likes apples, and wants someday to try a Pacific Rose. Lilly likes to read, but only for fun, NOT for school. She’s learning to play the guitar, and has set aside 30 minutes a day where she makes herself practice, even though it’s “so boring.” She has a LONG list of her favorite South Korean boy bands. She likes swimming and gymnastics. Her favorite movie is Titanic. She likes video games, and watching YouTube. She likes green tea, and white vanilla mochas (decaf only). She’s a very adventurous eater, always willing to try something new, and really enjoyed trying squid and seaweed. Those who know her describe her as artistic and creative. They also describe her as “quite a debater.” She agrees, saying she’s “very argumentative” but not in a defiant way, just a “personality way.” Lilly says she often has “loud internal monologues,” which her foster parents laughingly note are often quite external as well. When asked how she would describe herself, Lilly said, “silence, introverted, DARKNESS,” so she’s also got a bit of emo in her. Lilly also describes herself as “very childlike, but that’s what happens when you don’t get a childhood.” She may be childlike, but she’s also heading right for adolescence, as can be seen by this very special photo, which is her very first selfie.

A Family for Lilly

When asked what she wants in a family, Lilly says what’s MOST IMPORTANT is a pet bird. But also maybe a swing. Her perfect house would have a lot of stuff in it, but not breakable stuff, because she’s really clumsy. She’d also like a place where she could be alone, and a drawer where she could be “secretly messy.” She’d also like places in a house that are sunny, quiet, and soft and warm. Lilly says parents don’t have to like what she likes. She wants them to acknowledge and accept that she’s shy, and take the time to talk to her and help her open up (again, about ten minutes). She doesn’t like it when people judge her, which she defines as people saying mean things about stuff she can’t help or change about herself, like the way she looks or her laugh. She would prefer a mom and a dad, but would be willing to have a mom and a mom or a dad and a dad, though feels she’d have a lot of questions about how that would work and what it means. A single parent would also be an option. When asked what families are good for, she says helping with reminders, giving advice, and adds that she “wants to learn how to whistle.” Lilly has strong, ongoing relationships with supportive, positive birth family members, and it’s very important that this continues, wherever she goes.

When asked what families are good for, she says helping with reminders, giving advice, and adds that she “wants to learn how to whistle.”

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