Meet Lilly

Lilly (14) says she is shy, but that’s hard to believe. She pretty quickly gets un-shy, and has a lot of questions for you. Like, what’s your favorite spot in the house? What’s your favorite movie? Do you have advice on how to “break out of your shell”? What are your TOP TEN apples, okay, your TOP FIVE, wait, you don’t even have a top three??? HOW DO YOU LIVE?!?!?! (She really likes apples, and is constantly making plans for an apple-based pizza recipe) Lilly loves reading, and has recently joined a book club. She’s learning to play the guitar, and has set aside 30 minutes a day where she makes herself practice, even though it’s “so boring.” She likes swimming and gymnastics, and has recently started Tai Chi, which she DOES NOT LIKE because she definitely thought it was karate, and Tai Chi is SO SLOW. She likes a lot of K-pop bands, too many to list here, no matter how many times she asks. She’s a very adventurous eater, always willing to try something new, and really enjoyed trying squid and seaweed. Those who know her describe her as artistic and creative. They also describe her as “quite a debater.” She agrees, saying she’s “very argumentative” but not in a defiant way, just a “personality way.” Lilly says she often has “loud internal monologues,” which makes her foster parents laugh, because they’re very “external” monologues as well. When asked how she would describe herself, Lilly said, “silence, introverted, DARKNESS,” so she’s also a bit emo.

A Family for Lilly

perfect house would have “a lot of stuff in it,” but not breakable, because she’s “really clumsy.” She’d like a drawer where she can be “secretly messy.” She’d like places in a house that are sunny, quiet, and soft and warm. She likes pets (if you have a bird, plz apply), and would be fine with older or younger siblings. She is fine with a single parent, mom-dad, mom-mom, or dad-dad family, though feels like she’d have lots of questions about how being gay “works”, “what it means” and “how you know.” When asked what families are good for, she says helping with reminders, giving advice, and maybe teaching her how to whistle. Lilly has strong, ongoing relationships with supportive, positive birth family members, and it’s very important that this continues, wherever she goes. Mostly, though, Lilly is a big goof. She needs a family that can indulge her goofiness, and get (or pretend to be) excited with her when she develops a new interest (current interest: Undertale fan fiction).


When asked what families are good for, she says helping with reminders, giving advice, and adds that she “wants to learn how to whistle.”

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