A Young Emily Dickenson

Peyton has a sweet, friendly, caring way about her. She has a creative personal style – a little bit ‘boho-chic’ – which is often expressed through her love of making her own jewelry. Peyton’s other creative pursuits include drawing with pastels, painting, and creative writing. She is an animal lover (especially cats – she would love to tell you the story of her black and white kitty, ‘Moo!’). Peyton is funny and likes to laugh, loves music and appreciates its power to pick her up when she’s down, and she is very family-oriented.

At a recent meeting at her school, her English teacher remarked that Peyton was like “a young Emily Dickenson.”

Peyton says that she wants a family who understands unconditional commitment and who will not change if she makes a mistake. Because Peyton is a creative thinker, she appreciates that in others and she would certainly enjoy a family who can relate to her on that level. Peyton has lots of interests, but sometimes when she is overwhelmed by her moods and emotions, she can struggle with motivation to take part in life. With that in mind, a good family for Peyton would be patient, creative, and enthusiastic motivators while providing her with structure to her life. Peyton also has several bio-family members with whom she will want to maintain contact. Peyton is open to many family structures and would be happy to be nurtured and loved by a mom and dad, two mom, two dads, or a single parent.

“I can’t imagine what my life would be like without the arts.”

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