Meet Sammy (15)

Sammy likes Shakira. A LOT. THE MOST. Unless she ever hears Shakira has done drugs, because drugs are dumb and “you can’t be a role model if you do them.” She likes getting her hair done and going to the Dollar Store. She also likes volleyball, dancing, drawing, and writing. Taco Bell is her favorite place to eat out. At home, she likes peanut butter toast with bananas, or Haitian spaghetti. She’d like to be a police officer when she grows up. When asked what she likes to do with her day, she doesn’t offer a lot, but she can give you a big list of what “sucks.” Picking up dog poop sucks. Waking up at 6 am sucks. Getting up early for church “extremely sucks.” Chores? Definitely suck. Super suck.

Sammy has trouble coming up with nice words to describe herself, but the adults who know her helped. She can be brave, and sticks up for other kids. She can be kind, such as when she made a handmade card for a church friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer. She can definitely be funny. During Christmas, she picked out thoughtful gifts for the adults and kids in her life, including a foster sister she doesn’t like a whole lot, but “she would feel bad if she didn’t get a gift and everybody else did.”

When asked what advice she would have for her 30 year old self, Sammy said: “be kind, and you should care for others, even if they’re mean to you.” When asked what she would tell her 50 year old self, she offered, “Enjoy life while you can, and don’t drink so much pop.”

A Family for Sammy

Sammy is okay with a single mom, mom-dad, or mom-mom family. She can be uncomfortable around adult men, but does well when they’re patient and understanding. Sammy is fine with having older or younger siblings, and really likes babies. Sammy would prefer a black family, if possible. She was raised Catholic, and is comfortable with families that are generally Christian. Sammy REALLY wants a mom, more than anything. She needs a lot of attention from mother figures in her life, wanting to be by them all the time.

Sammy is very helpful around the house, and is respectful and polite. She also takes her education very seriously. She needs some school support, but she does her homework without prompting, tries her absolute best, and asks for help from teachers and parents.

Sammy would like to return to Haiti someday, to learn more about where she came from and maybe find her birth family. She has a lot of unanswered questions about her childhood and birth family, and will need a family who can help her navigate the emotional difficulty of not knowing much about her origin.



Sammy needs a family that can teach her she’s worth affection, that can find some way every day to tell her or show her how much she’s cared for, or how talented she is, or how smart she can be.

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