Who is Sierra?
Sierra (16) describes herself as “outgoing, kind, funny— like I’m super funny… anything will make me laugh!” She is fun to talk with and enjoys talking about smaller things that lead into larger discussions. Sierra likes to express herself through different hair colors and makeup styles and she is very talented. Her go to look is “the basics, lashes, lip gloss and a messy bun.” Sierra likes most foods but her favorites are Mexcian (Chipotle!)  and Chinese foods. She also likes coffee and trying out different flavors. She loves to listen to music, especially the indie, rap, and R&B genres. Sierra enjoys school and her favorite classes right now are English and History. Some days she likes to keep busy doing things that keep her moving like nature walks “especially if they end with a bonfire with s’mores!” Other days she’s perfectly happy going to the movies or hanging out at home.

A Family for Sierra?

When Sierra thinks of a family she is open to all family compositions and would prefer older siblings of either gender. To Sierra a family would have structured leniency. She describes this parenting method as, “not someone who is really strict, like taking my phone away or having a bed time or meeting my friends a bazillion times in the house before I can go out with them.” Sierra pictures herself in a city or suburban setting. She likes pets but thinks, “it would be weird for me to have a farm animal as a pet, because I wouldn’t describe myself as a farm girl.” Sierra’s team is open to all different geographic areas.

Sierra would do well with a family who can provide structure but also support her as she prepares to navigate the adult world. She would do best in family who can introduce her to new activities and opportunities as well as interact with the community on a regular basis.





Sierra likes nature walks-  “especially if they end with a bonfire with s’mores!”

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