Who is Walker?

Walker is a very thoughtful, friendly, and intelligent teenage boy.  Walker tends to be a straight A student, and has a lot of pride in his school work!  Because he does so well in school, Walker could be a great leader with his peers and is working on these skills.  He is quiet when you first meet him, but he does begin to open up with time.  Walker is a kid who can appreciate it when someone gets straight to the point but who can also talk through and process different topics of conversation with maturity when he wants to.  When he is able to get the supplies he needs, Walker would really like to try building miniature cites out of crafting materials, and is interested in design with other materials-such as Legos!  In addition to this, in his free time Walker likes to play board games, card games, video games, have discussions about different things like characters in a movie or series, watch movies, and make art projects.  Walker also enjoys participating in various sports and games outside.

A Family for Walker

Walker needs an active, experienced, and patient family who is able to give him consistent structure and clear expectations while also being able to support him in his own emotional awareness and learning.  Walker has shared that he would like to be adopted by a family with one or two parents of any gender, who live in or near a city, but this city doesn’t have to be Twin Cities sized!  Walker has said that he’s thought specifically about living in a home in a Mankato sized city.  He also wouldn’t mind having a pet in the home!  When Walker thinks of a family and what family means, he has shared that to him, it looks like people who will be supportive of him, help him when he’s upset or struggling, be there to understand who he is and what he’s going through, and share some of his interests!   Walker could do well as the only child in the home or with being the youngest child in a home.  Walker’s birth family is important to him, and it would be important that a family allows him to stay connected with his birth relatives and siblings.

Walker is a very thoughtful, friendly, and intelligent teenage boy!

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