Why do teens need families, anyway?

@amperfamilies They need families because humans need connection to thrive — Kim Stevens (@kimaling1) November 10, 2015 //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js… Read more

Youth need families

While at Children’s Law Center, I saw firsthand, the adverse impact foster care has on abused, abandoned and neglected children. Not only is the State is a terrible parent for foster children, but it fails in its essential purpose of finding adoptive parents for these children. Did you know that 93% of children 12 and… Read more

$10,000 for Ampersand Families?

https://twitter.com/amperfamilies/status/661676642096541697… Read more

These Things We Believe

As staff and board members at Ampersand Families, we have a sort of credo — a list of guiding principles. They aren’t radical, yet given the state of the child welfare system you could be forgiven for thinking they are. Here they are. Read them. If you feel the same, find out how you can help us create a… Read more

Asterisk Families

While working for an organization with an unusual name like Ampersand Families, I often find myself thinking of the many ways that the symbol for “and” fits our mission.  Let me illustrate what I’m thinking: Hey foster child, we think you are priceless & we want to find you parents of your own & maybe… Read more

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny? I realize this is a personal question from someone you likely have never met, but occasionally I ask myself this question when I consider my work as a Permanency Specialist at Ampersand Families.  I was introduced to the work of Ampersand when I attended the CASA National Conference in Chicago… Read more

Are they kids or are they case numbers?

Sometimes people ask me to give an example of the second part of our mission, which is, “to recruit and support permanent families for older youth, and to champion practices in adoption and permanency that restore belonging, dignity and hope.” Recently, a 15-year-old that I’m working with contacted me about something that was very upsetting… Read more

Glitter Ball V was a hit!

We wanted to send a big shout out to everyone who made Glitter Ball V a success! Thank you for attending and for rocking the house with us.  Black Joe Lewis was a hit, and Viva Knievil was a funk-and-soul delight. Special thanks to Rock the Cause for partnering with us, and for selecting Ampersand… Read more

From Alyssa Lund, Heart Gallery Coordinator

Nearly three years ago, I started working at Ampersand Families as the Coordinator of the Minnesota Heart Gallery. At the time, I was a sophomore in college and while I thought the position sounded pretty interesting, I was mostly excited to add an internship onto my resume. I had no idea what an impact the… Read more

Family Builder’s Network 2013

Ampersand Families was proud to host the Family Builder’s Network for their annual think tank. We were so proud to have so many of the leaders in the field of adolescent permanency all in the same room….at our place!  One whole day of the two-day meeting was dedicated to stakeholder input for the Longitudinal study… Read more

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