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What is the purpose of a birth certificate?

It’s time to begin a national dialogue on the purpose of a birth certificate.  Sounds like a silly question, maybe?  But, if you are someone who was adopted or who is an adoptive parent or who is the birth parent of an adopted person, the question probably isn’t silly at all to you. An integral part […] Read more

Why do teens need families, anyway?

@amperfamilies They need families because humans need connection to thrive — Kim Stevens (@kimaling1) November 10, 2015 // […] Read more

We Interrupt

Produced as part of The Homecoming Project, this video is a used in parent and worker training all over the country. Listen to hear straight from youth why family matters and their expectations of adults responsible for helping them achieve permanency. We Interrupt from Ampersand Families on Vimeo.   […] Read more

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