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A Youth’s Perspective

Cloey is awesome at engaging in her own recruitment. Check out her most recent insightful message about older youth adoption. My name’s Cloey. I’m 15 years old. I’m a sophomore and I look forward to going to school every day. What I like about school is being around my friends and sometimes learning about the […] Read more

A future lawyer?

 I want to be a lawyer (a defense attorney) to help kids get out of trouble. I would like to go to University of Minnesota for undergrad and Harvard for my graduate degree. My  dream family would be understanding, caring, sports-lovers and wealthy (but, I’m open!). They would have pets….I love cats […] Read more

Tons of interests. Looking for a mom.

 Jasper goes back and forth about whether she’d like to attend college.  Jasper is an intelligent young woman with many interests, hobbies, talents and her team feels she would blossom in college.  Her ambivalence seems based in not knowing how to plan ahead for her future life at this point, and not knowing what college […] Read more

Vanessa is waiting…..

Vanessa is a quiet young woman, who can be a real chatterbox once she gets to know you.   […] Read more

Meet Jonathan

Jonathan has an awesome sense of humor and enjoys interacting with peers and adults. He loves animals and grew up in a family that raised three tiny dogs. His teachers report that he is a hard worker and a good student. Jonathan is a good reader and has always loved to read. With each passing day […] Read more


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