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Markell on Twin Cities Live!

Thank you, Afton Alps […] Read more

Meet Talondre

Talondre has the manners of a perfect gentlemen and a smile that can light up the room. He is a charming, go-with-the-flow kind of kid. People who know Talondre well describe him as “funny and playful, engaging and sweet.” He stays active by playing sports, riding his scooter, or spending time at the park. He […] Read more

Say hi to Markell

Markell is a funny, social, and bright young teenager. He’s full of opinions—you’ll never have to guess what he’s thinking!—and makes friends easily. He likes to be active and enjoys playing football and basketball, swimming, and working on cars when he gets the chance. He loves being outside, although he enjoys playing video games, listening […] Read more

All About Lindsey

Lindsey is soft spoken, thoughtful, and mature. She is a care taker by nature, and feels a deep sense of responsibility for those she cares about. She is creative, and enjoys her art classes in school. She loves painting, drawing, and trying out new nail art. She takes pride in her culture, and cares deeply […] Read more

To College & Beyond: Meet Keyra

Keyra is a beautiful young woman with an independent spirit and charm. She has a softness to her personality with a sarcastic sense of humor that breaks through every once in a while. She is a go-getter and eager to succeed. She knows how to navigate her way through resources and opportunities. Keyra is always […] Read more


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