30 Days to Family® is an intense, short-term intervention developed by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition to:

  • Increase the number of children placed with relatives/kin at the time they enter the foster care system
  • Ensure natural and community supports are in place to promote stability for the child.

The program model features two major elements: family finding and family support interventions.



Family Finding. Rigorous search process to identify and engage 80+ relatives with equal emphasis on maternal and paternal sides of family.

Assessment. Identify child and family specific needs.

Secure Placement. Secure one permanent and two back up relative/kin placements within 30 days.

Comprehensive Support Planning. Map and connect all natural supports and wrap around services with the goal of ensuring long term stability.




We aim to find a home, in a familiar environment, and maintain relationships between children and their family until they return home.

30 Days to Family® Philosophies

  • Every family is unique.
  • Only the family members are experts on the family.
  • Children deserve to be with their family.
  • Children have a right to maintain kinship and cultural connections.
  • Relatives have the right to know family members exist
  • Everyone has something to contribute.
  • Active family participation is essential for good outcomes.
  • All families are entitled to respect from the child welfare system.
  • Every child has family members that are able and willing to care for them.



Outcomes for Children and Families Served by 30 Days to Family®

*As identified in the 30 Days to Family® Logic Model as identified by Atkinson,  A.J.  (2017). 30 Days to Family® theory of change testing: Comprehensive report (Evaluation report). Petersburg, VA: PolicyWorks, Ltd.



To refer a family, contact Renee Banas at renee@ampersandfamilies.org or call 612.384.4289.

For more information about 30 Days to Family®, read 30 Days to Family® Program

Why choose Ampersand Families?

Ampersand Families’ work is founded on a simple belief: permanent relationships and belonging are every person’s birthright, and are necessary to a healthy, productive life.

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