30 Days to Family® is an intense, short-term intervention developed by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition to:

  • Increase the number of children placed with relatives/kin at the time they enter the foster care system
  • Ensure natural and community supports are in place to promote stability for the child.

The program model features two major elements: family finding and family support interventions.



Family Finding. Rigorous search process to identify and engage 80+ relatives with equal emphasis on maternal and paternal sides of family.

Assessment. Identify child and family specific needs.

Secure Placement. Secure one permanent and two back up relative/kin placements within 30 days.

Comprehensive Support Planning. Map and connect all natural supports and wrap around services with the goal of ensuring long term stability.




We aim to find a home, in a familiar environment, and maintain relationships between children and their family until they return home.

30 Days to Family® Philosophies

  • Every family is unique.
  • Only the family members are experts on the family.
  • Children deserve to be with their family.
  • Children have a right to maintain kinship and cultural connections.
  • Relatives have the right to know family members exist
  • Everyone has something to contribute.
  • Active family participation is essential for good outcomes.
  • All families are entitled to respect from the child welfare system.
  • Every child has family members that are able and willing to care for them.



Outcomes for Children and Families Served by 30 Days to Family®

*As identified in the 30 Days to Family® Logic Model as identified by Atkinson,  A.J.  (2017). 30 Days to Family® theory of change testing: Comprehensive report (Evaluation report). Petersburg, VA: PolicyWorks, Ltd.



For more information about 30 Days to Family®, read 30 Days to Family® Program or contact Renee Banas at renee@ampersandfamilies.org or call 612.384.4289.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

The challenges faced by these teens are numerous. Unlike our own children, they leave foster care with no home, no financial support and no loving parachute called a family. Their odds will improve only when we commit to restoring them into permanent, loving families.

Linda, Former Board Member

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