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Are you interested in being a resource to a child/ren who you love?  Navigating the child welfare system can be confusing and downright scary.  We know that families experience a variety of challenges as they look for ways to remain connected to those they love in the system.  We hope this page will be helpful in getting a crash course on Knowing Your Rights, directing you to Community Resources, and offering you information about our agency’s services to Relative and Kin families.

Know Your Rights Webinar

Be informed about your rights as a relative/kin family!  This free hour and a half webinar will explore your rights as relative kin, provide legal information and give you valuable insight into the stages of a child protection case.

September 2022 MN Adopt – Kinship: Know Your Rights Webinar.

No Cost Relative/Kin Legal Clinic

We are partnering with the Institute to Transform Child Protection at Mitchell Hamline School of Law to provide free legal advice especially geared towards relatives and kin who are seeking to remain connected to a child they love in the child welfare system.  If you are experiencing barriers or challenges in getting accurate information about what is going on in your family member’s case; or are simply considering being a resource to someone you love and need to get legal advice as you communicate with the court and county team, this clinic might be for you.

Upcoming Legal Clinics:
Friday June 23rd 12-1:30 via Zoom

For more information contact Tabetha at

Space is limited. Please RSVP at least one week in advance. Click this link to register.

Relative & Kin Services at Ampersand Families

  • Consultation for relatives/kin on their specific family situation
  • Home study and foster care licensing for relatives/kin
  • Placement planning for birth parents involved in child protection case

Community Resources 

LSS Kinship –  Support groups and resources geared towards parenting grandchildren and kin.

MN One Stop for Communities –  Parent mentors who can assist other parents in navigating the child welfare system.  All mentors are parents who have experienced the impact of child protection in their lives.

MN Care Partners –  Variety of services from parenting support to mental and chemical health support.  Their services are especially geared towards marginalized communities.

MN Omsbud Office–  Can provide advocacy support to low-income and families of color who have experienced challenges and discrimination in the child welfare system.

Village Arms – Agency assisting African American families who have been impacted by child welfare system.  Can help with parent coaching and court advocacy, and other supportive services.

Legal Support MN Adopt Hosted List of Attorneys and Legal Support

Kinship Navigation Tool – This tool offers free, unlimited access to information and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions for kinship caregivers in Minnesota.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

I have been a consultant to non-profits for many years and I can say without any doubt, Ampersand Families is one of the best run non-profits in the country.  I know the time and money I give the organization is put to the best use.

Marian, Former Board Member

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