Staff Reflections

The Brevity of Childhood

One of the things that continues to inspire my work as a Permanency Specialist at Ampersand Families is our commitment to “honor the brevity of childhood.” We work with teenagers and we know that the clock is ticking for these kids to be able to experience what remains of their childhood within the security and […] Read more

Josie & Chris

(Click image to watch Josie & Chris on KidsConnect) In this work, rejection, disappointment, and plans falling through are almost daily occurrences. There are hundreds of families wanting to adopt in Minnesota, but only one of them is going to be the family for any given child I work with. The most carefully laid plans, […] Read more

These Things We Believe

As staff and board members at Ampersand Families, we have a sort of credo — a list of guiding principles. They aren’t radical, yet given the state of the child welfare system you could be forgiven for thinking they are. Here they are. Read them. If you feel the same, find out how you can help us create a […] Read more

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny? I realize this is a personal question from someone you likely have never met, but occasionally I ask myself this question when I consider my work as a Permanency Specialist at Ampersand Families.  I was introduced to the work of Ampersand when I attended the CASA National Conference in Chicago […] Read more

The “other”

As he does quite often, Joe Wild Crea, a Permanency Specialist at Ampersand Families, said something the other day that made me pause and take a fresh look at our work. He was preparing for a presentation to high school students to help them learn about older kid adoption. Joe talked with the students about […] Read more

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