Pre-Adoption Training

Flexible and Comprehensive Training

Ampersand Families provides pre-adoption training on a flexible calendar to meet the scheduling needs of families.

We usually train small groups of four to ten people, usually taking three in-person sessions and about 3 hours at home to complete the approximately 24 hours of material.  Ampersand Families pre-adoption training meets, and exceeds, the minimum training requirements to adopt in Minnesota.  If a family wants to complete their adoption process at Ampersand Families, and has recently completed training at another Minnesota agency, Ampersand Families will review the training received and determine what areas, if any, still need to be covered to meet the agency’s training expectations.

Because our mission is adoption of older youth, the examples and content in our pre-adoption training generally relate to parenting situations and the characteristics of teens. Content covered in our pre-adoption training includes:

  • An exploration of how typical human development and the human brain are affected by developmental trauma and neglect, and what it means to be a “trauma-informed” parent.
  • The predominant role of grief and loss, including ambiguous loss in older child adoption.
  • Overview of the most common diagnoses and behavioral challenges displayed by older youth who have experienced trauma.
  • Learning about adoption first-hand from adoptive parents and adopted/waiting youth.
  • What it means to be a culturally-competent family and why all adoptive placements are cross-cultural.
  • The critical role of birth families in successful older youth adoption.
  • Overview of the adolescent brain, and implications for parenting teens.
  • Creating emotional, physical and home safety.
  • Human sexuality and sexual safety.
  • Being an advocate for your child in mental health, educational and juvenile justice systems.
  • Expectations and resiliency of prospective parents.
  • The critical need to build/sustain an effective support network.

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Why choose Ampersand Families?

“Kids get a chance because parents have people like you standing in their corner. And it makes a difference. You bring so much goodness to the world and the world is truly better because of what you do every day. So, thank you!!!”


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