Meet Youssef

Youssef is a fun-loving, conversational 16 year old who loves to make new connections and talk about his interests. He loves to play basketball, video games, and beyblades. Youssef has demonstrated great maturity and growth during the last year and really took the pandemic shift in stride. In his current placement, the people that care for him help with some daily tasks like hygiene reminders and opportunities to verbally process decision making and accountability. However, Youssef is finding independence and finding opportunities to do things on his own! Youssef likes to talk about the past and do things his way (and sometimes he is very right!). Youssef likes animals and connecting with the adults in his life. He does not have many thoughts about religion at this time, or a good sense of what family might work best for him. Youssef has a tough time with older peers and feeling “bossed around,” However, he does well with younger youth traditionally. Youssef is a sweet guy and anyone that gets to know him is incredibly lucky!

A Family for Youssef

The right family for Youssef will have a good understanding of developmental delays and thoughtful communication skills. A patient family that can provide solid structure is a must for Youssef at this time. A family that can connect Youssef to community resources and educational opportunities and that support his independence and growth would be wonderful. Youssef requires 24 hour supervision at this time.

The right family for Youssef will be a two parent household- any composition, and be willing to keep him connected to previous providers and birth family. Youssef would do best as the oldest youth in the home. He is great with animals and would like to stay in the metro area. A family that is open to parenting post-18 or while a youth possibly lives in a residential setting would be best.

Our Vision

That every young person whose life has been disrupted by trauma and subsequent child welfare intervention will be restored to a safe, permanent family with an urgency that honors the brevity of childhood.

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