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Engaging Relatives and Kin throughout the Child Welfare Process

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Reaching for Healing, Equity, and Permanency; by  Misty Coonce and Tori Hensley Being separated from birth parents or caretakers via the child welfare system is a traumatic experience for children and youth. Too often, being placed in out of home care means that children lose their connection to everything that is familiar to them; their… Read more

Parent Reunification as a Form of Permanency

A couple of years ago a 16 year old young man, was referred to us for child specific recruitment. He had been in foster care since the age of 9, and his parents’ rights were terminated when he was 11. Over those years, he moved between foster homes and group homes. From the records we… Read more

Be a Buddy Family

Buddy Families – An Enriching Experience Have you heard of our Buddy Family program? Buddy families are just regular people in the community who step up to become part of the support network for an adoptive family. They get to know parents and their new kids, and help out by spending a couple evenings and… Read more

Kin Link – Connecting Kids in Care to Family

Restoring Belonging The pendulum is shifting in child welfare towards recognizing that given the information and tools, families can and will care for their own. The Kin Link team is on the front lines working to ensure kids stay connected to family, community, and culture every step of the way. Family Matters Our work with… Read more

Ampersand Families Position Statement on Reproductive Justice

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Ampersand Families is proud to provide services in the state of Minnesota, where in 1995 our Supreme Court ruled that the state’s constitution protects not only a woman’s* right to have an abortion, but also protects their right to decide to have an abortion (Doe vs. Gomez).  We stand firmly with Governor Walz and his Executive Order… Read more

Centering Voices of Fosters and Adoptees – National Adoption Month

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As an adult adoptee who has worked in the adoption and foster care field for more than 10 years now, my feelings on National Adoption Month are complex, conflicting, and ever evolving. Adoption and foster care are wonderful and painful, necessary and unnecessary all at the same time. For this reason, I am so grateful… Read more

30 Days to Family® Program

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So, what is the 30 Days to Family® program?  We know that every child entering the foster care system has a family and community.  We as workers just need to find them!  This is not always an easy endeavor, but the 30 Days to Family® program uses exhaustive and creative search efforts for family finding. … Read more

In Memory of George Floyd

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Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better do better.  – Maya Angelou Ampersand Families offers our deepest condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd  Though we offer condolences, we do so knowing that our thoughts, words or prayers mean little without our commitment to doing the… Read more

Breaking Barriers in Adoption Award

Acceptance Comments Delivered at Voice for Adoption Reception Dirksen Senate Building, Washington, D.C. November 15, 2017   Thank you to Schylar, Melinda and the Voice for Adoption Board for your work – and for recognizing ours.  Thanks, also, to the North American Council on Adoptable Children for your nomination.  To the congressional delegation who is… Read more

A Youth’s Perspective

Cloey is awesome at engaging in her own recruitment. Check out her most recent insightful message about older youth adoption. My name’s Cloey. I’m 15 years old. I’m a sophomore and I look forward to going to school every day. What I like about school is being around my friends and sometimes learning about the… Read more

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