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Use our encrypted form, to make a referral for child-specific recruitment services, kin/relative home studies, or to refer a youth for a free professional photo shoot with Minnesota Heart Gallery.



We welcome referrals of youth age 10 and older (or sibling groups with at least one age 10+) for child specific recruitment services under the Adoption Contract with MN Department of Human Services.  We are always interested in talking with counties about youth who are in need of permanency, but who might not be under guardianship of the commissioner. Please call us to discuss these situations. We want to help.

Counties and tribes can refer one or more relative/kin for a comprehensive home study assessment of their readiness to be a permanency resource for a specific child or sibling group. Referrals can be made before or after a TPR (in pre-TPR situations, at least one of the children needs to be 8 years old). In all cases, we take a flexible, strength-based approach in our assessment process, and maintain regular open communication with the referring tribe or county.

Counties and tribes maintain ultimate decision making of where the child or sibling group will be placed. If a decision is made to not place the child/sibling group with the relative/kin, our agency can assist with establishing appropriate contact plans, if requested.

Ampersand Families’ Permanency Specialists are seasoned professionals with small caseloads ready to work hard to partner with counties, foster parents and others to achieve permanency for all youth.


To date, about 75% of the youth referred to Ampersand Families have achieved permanency.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

“My interest in adoption is based on the way that I was raised. I was blessed to be a part of a happy, healthy home.  One of the things my parents instilled in me is that it is not right to just sit back and watch the world wishing for change.  If something is important, […]


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