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To make a referral, you can select the link for the referral form below. Please note: Child Specific Recruitment, Heart Gallery, & Kinship Home Study referrals are only for Child Welfare Professionals.If you would like to learn more about each program, scroll down to read a brief description of the youth programs we offer.


We welcome referrals of youth age 10 and older (or sibling groups with at least one youth age 10+) for child-specific recruitment services under the Public Private Adoption Initiative (PPAI) with MN Department of Human Services. Only youth who are under guardianship of the Commissioner (‘state wards’) and who are registered on the State Adoption Exchange may be referred for this service, which is provided at no cost to referring counties.

Child-specific recruitment is intensive, focused efforts to achieve permanency for older youth. Activities include relative/kin search and engagement, outreach to people the youth already knows or people who have specialized interests or skills that are a great fit for the youth as well as matching with potential families who are registered on the state adoption exchange. Engagement, support and preparation for the youth, including lifebook work, are also integral parts of child-specific recruitment.

Ampersand Families’ Permanency Specialists are seasoned professionals with small caseloads ready to work hard as they partner with counties, youth, families, foster parents and others to achieve permanency for all youth.

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The Minnesota Heart Gallery helps children and youth waiting for adoptive families see themselves as they never have before. Together, youth, photographers and families raise community awareness around adoption, foster care and permanency. Most important, these images are used to recruit families for Minnesota’s waiting youth, helping them to picture a more hopeful future.

For more information about the Heart Gallery Program, visit the Minnesota Heart Gallery Website

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Counties and tribes can refer one or more relative/kin for a comprehensive home study assessment of their readiness to be a permanency resource for a specific child or sibling group. Referrals can be made before or after a TPR (in pre-TPR situations, at least one of the children needs to be 8 years old). In all cases, we take a flexible, strength-based approach in our assessment process, and maintain regular open communication with the referring tribe or county.

Counties and tribes maintain ultimate decision making of where the child or sibling group will be placed. If a decision is made to not place the child/sibling group with the relative/kin, our agency can assist with establishing appropriate contact plans, if requested.

It is our strongest wish to provide counties with thorough assessments of potential permanency resources so that the county has access to excellent information upon which to base its placement decisions. We also want to support relatives and kin so that they can rest assured that they have done everything possible when they want to step forward to provide a home for a youth they know, who cannot be returned to their parent/s’ home.

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MYVoice (aka “Minnesota Youth Voice”) programs are open to Minnesota youth ages 12-22 with experience in the foster care and/or adoption systems. We support youth-led education, connection, and change. Please fill out this form if you are a youth interested in MYVoice or want to refer a youth you know to MYVoice programming. Please also follow us at @mnyouthvoice on Instagram, Emily.Ampersand on Facebook, and check out our website at

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The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT)® is a developmentally sensitive, neurobiology-informed approach to clinical problem solving. Developed by the Child Trauma Academy (, it provides a comprehensive assessment model that will help identify the impact childhood trauma may have had on a child’s brain development and make concrete suggestions for future interventions. To learn more about NMT®, download this NMT® Handout

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In every service we provide, Ampersand Families is dedicated to helping youth build and strengthen their connections to relatives, kin, community and culture. As our name implies, we are about ‘and’ – adding more people to a youth’s circle of support.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

I have been a consultant to non-profits for many years and I can say without any doubt, Ampersand Families is one of the best run non-profits in the country.  I know the time and money I give the organization is put to the best use.

Marian, Former Board Member

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