Parents wishing to adopt in Minnesota must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age.
  • Have lived in Minnesota at least a year.
  • Have sufficient household income to support adopted child/ren. Adoption assistance is available, but is not intended to cover the actual costs of raising a child.
  • Pass an Adam Walsh Background Check (household members age 18+ must submit fingerprints).
  • Participate in pre-adoption and foster care training (about 25 hours).
  • Actively engage in the home study process.

Many families that adopt through Ampersand Families…

  • Understand the personal and societal cost of allowing young people to age out of foster care without positive family relationships.
  • Choose to adopt from foster care in large part because they view the plight of youth in care as a social justice issue, and want to be part of the solution.
  • Commit to helping maintain birth family and other significant relationships.
  • Are resilient.
  • Often have experienced challenges in their own lives and have done their own therapeutic work.
  • Have a great balance of realistic expectations and great hope for what it means to adopt an older youth.
  • Know that they may need their own therapeutic support as they grow and develop in their new role as a parent to an older wounded, but resilient, youth.
  • Are proactive in reaching out for help.
  • Have a rich network of friends and family who are committed to helping their family succeed.
  • See the value of accessing community-based supports and services.
  • Have and use a sense of humor and irony.
  • Have interests and activities they hope to share with youth.
  • Genuinely enjoy teens.
  • Have to ability to keep focused on the goal of adoption, even when the steps and systemic barriers make the process frustrating.

Why choose Ampersand Families?

Ampersand Families is important to me because when the work we do at the Crisis Nursery does not keep a child out of the child welfare system, Ampersand Families fulfills the promise of returning that child to a family. This is important to me from the standpoint of reducing the cost to society but even more so, […]

Al, Former Board Chair

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