Ampersand Families Board of Directors

As a nonprofit organization, Ampersand Families is governed by a volunteer board of directors who carefully guide us in effectively and efficiently pursuing our mission.

Ken Ebel

Ken Ebel is a retired Health and Human Service Director from Sherburne County.  His background includes child protection social worker, child welfare supervisor, part time college social work instructor, residential treatment counselor and human service director.  He is a former President of Minnesota Social Services Association.

Ken has an Master's in Social Work from the University of Minnesota and is an LICSW.

Kristina Foudray

Kris has been at Seager, Tufte, & Wickhem since 2011 and began practicing law in 1998.  As a mother to four teen age sons, Kris recognizes the importance of stability and family bonds not only during childhood but throughout life. 

Angela Gilchrist

Angela joined Ampersand Families’ board in 2019 and has over 15 years of business leadership and management experience. She specializes in coaching leaders and organizations on strategic planning, interpersonal communication, and the nuts and bolts of managing others.

Michelle Kellogg

Michelle holds a Masters of Social Work degree from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. After a brief time as an oncology social worker, Michelle worked with youth in the child welfare system in Honolulu, Hawaii. As the therapist for a residential treatment program, Michelle worked with older youth who were transitioning out of child welfare and into adulthood- often without a support system to help them navigate the difficulties and complexities of the adult world.

Steve Kenney

Steve Kenney joined the Ampersand board because he believes that every young person has the right to a permanent family and lifelong family relationships. He is the father of three grown children and spent their formative years volunteering in youth group activities at their church. He has worked extensively with both senior and junior high students in this capacity.

Nick Meinen

Nick joined Ampersand Families' board in 2019 and serves as Treasurer. He is a Manager in the Internal Audit department of CHS Inc., the nation’s leading farmer-owned cooperative and a global energy, grains and foods business. He is also an adoptive parent through Ampersand Families.

Kristin Narverud

Kristin Narverud brings ten years of experience in accounting and finance to the Ampersand Families board.  Kristin sought out the opportunity to serve on Ampersand Families board after learning about the agency's mission to restore belonging, dignity, and hope through adoption and permanency for youth. 

Nathan Kellar-Long

Nathan Kellar-Long has taught elementary students in St. Paul for 25 years. He joined Ampersand Families' board in 2019.

Carrie Rauschendorfer

Carrie Rauschendorfer joined the board at Ampersand Families in February of 2018. She is passionate about connecting youth to safe places and helping them reach their goals. 

Currently, Carrie is a stay-at-home parent. In the recent past she was a Youth and Family Advocate at Tubman, working with youth overcoming trauma, violence, and homelessness.


Why choose Ampersand Families?

“In my work, I read hundreds of grant requests and get to know many nonprofit organizations.  I can say with certainty that Ampersand Families is special. It’s special because of the youth and families they serve, because of the skills and passion staff bring to their jobs and because of the vision and fortitude of […]

Susan, Foundation Executive Director

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